Why I love owning a small business…

I never dreamt of owning my own business, I ended up with one however when I was looking for a way to work and still care for my daughter.  My one-person online shop turned into a brick-and-mortar store in Provincetown which both my daughter and I adore.

I opened the store as a way to spend time with my child but over the last 7 years I’ve gotten the pleasure of spending time with countless children seeing and visiting with them year after year; watching them grow, learning from them, and awaiting their return the following year. 

I have a wonderful team of family, friends, and workers, (who have quickly become family and friends) who have made this all possible over the years. In return I do my best to be a model employer and friend.  I respect their families and the balance that drove me to open the store in the first place.  I strive to create a positive supportive work environment that someone would want to be part of.    

My last love as a small business owner is the outreach I'm able to do through my store.  I am so grateful to have a platform to help teachers when they come in the store, to support the local Police Department, and mostly to have been able to support and be part of Family Equality Council’s Family Week.  This event is like nothing I’ve ever seen.  The love, energy, and excitement that envelopes Provincetown for the week is something I'm grateful I have been a part of.  Participating in this event since 2016 has been a highlight of my year.

As much as I always loved being able to give back to the community, it was the community that gave back to Sidekicks when the pandemic hit.  When we had to shut our doors, along with many other small businesses, we had online orders come in from all over the country, from Vermont to California to Florida and it was because of that support that we made it through 2020.  While things have certainly improved since then, retail has changed indefinitely.  The convenience of one-stop big box online ordering, with free 2-day delivery is more than any small business can compete with.  Who can blame people for wanting to shop from the comfort of their own home and have it arrive the next day?

So where does that leave me, and Sidekicks, and many small businesses out there?   Honestly, I don’t know.  The idea of not being part of the community and being a kid friendly haven to play, touch, and try things out is heartbreaking. 

So, I invite you to be part of the Sidekicks Family, to support us now.  To help us stay a strong member of the community. To help us be able to remain a kid friendly refuge and show that Provincetown is a family friendly town. 

To join our family click here.

Thank you for your support and for listening,


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