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Escape Room in An Envelope: Dinner Party Board Game

Escape Room in An Envelope: Dinner Party Board Game

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You are thrown into a world of mystery, blackmail and deception. Solve the puzzles and break into our online vault - before it's too late! An at-home escape room that you can play around your own kitchen table.

The games includes 10 individual puzzles, and has an interactive online ending, all the pieces are designed to be as immersive as possible - enter the world of the Marseille Tennis Championship

Aimed at 14+, and for groups of 2-8.

BuzzFeed - Featured in “The Best Gifts To Give In 2020”

THE STORY: Femi Banuve, a sports photographer, has stumbled across a story of match fixing and blackmail at the Tennis Championships. A bank of files and documents are being used to threaten a leading tennis star and Femi needs your help to disrupt the plan.

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